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In October 2011, the Mary Kay Inspiring Stories documentaries generated over 33,000 views to help support Domestic Violence awareness and prevention. Because "Give Dreams" was the most-viewed documentary during that time, Mary Kay has donated a $20,000 grant to a domestic violence shelter on behalf of Maria Menounos and the Give Dreams film crew.


You can continue the mission by watching and sharing the documentaries today. Together, we can help end Domestic Violence.

Production Overview:

Women from all across the country applied to participate on the Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories film crew. The 18 selected women were flow to Los Angels were they devoted their hard work and passion to creating our three documentaries.


During the 7-day production week, participants learned the ins and outs of how to create, develop, produce, shoot, and promote their documentary. College interns who previously participated in similar programs and professional participants taught the participants everything they needed to know. They received:


• Tech training on all the equipment.
• Industry training from producers, teaching them how to arrange for film permits, craft services, and auditions.
• Worked alongside a professional film crew.
• Worked with a female celebrity narrator.
• Collaborated to develop interview questions and content for your shoot.
• Made a film on shoot day.
• Edited their masterpiece after the shoot is over.

P.S. Every film-crew member worked on every aspect of the documentary. Check out the 7-day production schedule.


Program Timeline:

• June 1 – July 8: Call for Women Participants
• July: Participant Selection and Pre Production
• August 14 – 20: Production
• September: Documentary Premiere Event
• September 27 – October 31: Online Viewing






Here are many more FAQs on the program. If we didn’t answer your question here, feel free to email us:


Who is eligible to apply to be a Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories Crewmember?
Please see the official rules for complete eligibility requirements, but generally, you must be a woman 18 years of age or older in order to apply.


How does the application process work?
We are currently reviewing applicants to be selected to the 2011 Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories film crew. Select applicants will hear from us late July 2011.


How many film crews will be involved?
There will be three all-female documentary crews comprised of six women each.


Can I sign up with a friend?
Each application is evaluated and chosen on an individual basis. We would encourage you to forward the application and program details to your friends. However, your friend would need to fill out and send in her own application.


If a friend and I both sign up and are accepted, could we request to be on the same crew?
You certainly can. We interview our top candidates and during that interview you can indicate that you would ideally like to be on the same team as your friend. We will do our best to accommodate but we cannot guarantee that you will be on the same crew.


Can we be on the same crew together, if chosen?
We cannot guarantee that you will be on the same crew but if both of you are chosen you’ll both be apart of the same program. With that said, we would do our best to accommodate.


Is film experience required to participate in this program?
Film experience is not required. Each participant just needs passion, creativity, and a drive for the cause. Everything else will be taught to the crew on set.


Where will the filming take place?
The filmmaking for Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories will take place in Hollywood, California. The exact location of our Head Quarters will be disclosed closer to the start of production.


All selected participants will be provided with accommodations including hotel, airfare, and ground transportation.


How much does this program cost?
If selected, this program is free to participants. Mary Kay® has generously paid for all participant accommodations including hotel, airfare, ground transportations, and some meals. Each participant should bring money for food throughout the production week.


Am I receiving compensation for my video?
Sorry, no compensation will be given. However, we will give you the training necessary to skillfully produce, direct, and edit your educational, empowering film.


Will I own the rights to the film I work on?
Dreaming Tree Films is the film production company behind the program. Dreaming Tree Films will own the rights to the documentaries. That said, as a participant you will be able to showcase the piece in a portfolio or resume.


How are celebrities involved?
Each documentary will feature a celebrity to narrate the piece. The participants will work as a team to develop a script for their celebrity. Mary Kay® Inspiring stories will make the big celeb announcement prior to the start of production.


What is the time commitment to be a crewmember?
Each participant is part of the crew and will need to be present for the entire 7-day production. Everyone will be notified of her selection at least two weeks prior to production in order to notify/make accommodations with school, work, or family.


Will each crew have production week the same week?
Yes, each crew will be in production during the same week in Hollywood, CA.


Are there physical limitations to being a crewmember?
We encourage everyone with creativity, passion, and determination to apply to the program. We will make an effort to accommodate individuals who possess certain physical limitations so that they may also share their voice and talent in the program.


What are the different roles I will be taking on as a crewmember?
There are many different roles on set. Each crew will be responsible for creating a final documentary from start to finish in 7 days. Some preliminary research on the project has been done but its up to the crew to put their story together. So each crew is responsible for pre-production, production, and editing.


Some of the common tasks that will need to be done on set are scouting interview locations, scheduling interviews with subjects, operating the camera, audio equipment, cord wrangling, assistant producing, and directing.


But don’t worry if you don’t have experience. We have trained staff interns that will be on set overseeing the entire process and teaching everyone everything they need to know.


Can I choose which crewmember position I want to be, e.g. director, sound, etc.?

Are we each assigned specific crewmember tasks?
As a Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories participant, you will have the opportunity to explore multiple positions on set. You will rotate through several crew positions, including camera, sound, assistant director, etc. Our staff interns will act as the producer, director, and technical director of the films, but they will work closely with your team, teaching you all aspects of each role.


No prior experience is necessary. Everyone will learn everything they need to learn on set.


How do I intern with Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories?
Interns are chosen from previous Dreaming Tree program alumni. Once you've participated in this program, you will receive information on how to apply to be an intern for the following year. Interns must have completed at least their first year of college. To apply for an intern position for Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories, send us an e-mail at


What equipment are we going to use?
You will be working with HD camera equipment and be provided with professional editing stations where you'll be teamed up with our Production Interns and Senior Staff to create your film and learn the fundamentals of production, shooting, and editing a documentary.


What exactly will the documentaries explore? Is there a difference between the 3 documentaries?
Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories is bringing together women ages 18 and older from all over the country to create three documentaries about breaking the cycle of Domestic Violence. Through the positive stories of survivors, these three documentaries will educate and inform the public on how to understand and end Domestic Violence.


Each documentary will feature different survivors with different stories and inspire the public in a different way. Part of the creative development will happen during the 7-day production week and the staff interns will work with each crew to make sure that each documentary is a strong individual piece.


What are all the steps in the production process?
The Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories staff interns will oversee the production process. They will teach everyone everything they need to know on set and will make sure that the crew stays on schedule. To learn more details about how the week will be broken out please see our production schedule.


Where will the Documentaries air?
These three Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories documentaries will premiere at the screening event in late September and online at More details about the premiere event to come. Stay tuned.


Exactly when will these films debut?
The films debut at the Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories premiere event this September. The online viewing and voting of the films will launch simultaneously. Stay tuned for more details.


What is the point of having people view the films?
Mary Kay® Inspiring Stories is creating three documentaries to educate people across the country on this cause and hopefully help break the cycle of Domestic Violence. The goal of hosting a viewing for the best documentary is to help engage people across America.


Is there a prize for the film with the most views?
Yes. The film with the most views will get to have a $20,000 shelter grant given out in the name of the producing film crew. Crewmembers are not only creating awareness for an important cause but they are helping it by having money donated in their name.


What is Beauty that Counts?
Domestic Violence is the number one cause of injury for women and Mary Kay® is dedicated to changing that statistic. Through Mary Kay Inspiring Stories and Limited-Edition Mary Kay Beauty That Counts Crème Lipsticks, Mary Kay hopes to educate people across America and raise money for shelters that help protect women in need. The upcoming Limited-Edition Beauty That Counts Crème Lipsticks will be available for purchase this September 2011. With each lipstick sold, Mary Kay makes a contribution to causes aiming to help end Domestic Violence. In the U.S., from Sept. 16 through Dec. 15, 2011, $1 will be donated from the sale of each lipstick shade – Give Dreams, Give Hope, and Give Joy – to support causes aiming to help end Domestic Violence.


What/Who is Dreaming Tree Films?
Dreaming Tree Films is a production company that specializes in producing creative programs that provide individuals with a hands-on experience and allows them to interact with and explore the creative process of filmmaking. Program participants are given the tools and resources they need to harness their own creativity and confidently produce films that send a positive message. Mary Kay® teamed up with Dreaming Tree Films to help oversee the programs execution.


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